Locate HappyPlate

Searchable menus for 1000's of restaurants

Our revolutionary dining app provides the most comprehensive database of restaurants, menu items and unprecedented searchability. Users select the cuisine, their desired course and/or the dishes they are craving and Locate HappyPlate returns the matching restaurants near the user's location as well each restaurant's current menu. Locate HappyPlate is a convenient app for everyone in the continental US, and is very useful in situations where everyone is wanting something different to eat. Just input the food that each person is craving and the app will not only show you the restaurants that can accommodate all of the requests, but Locate HappyPlate also displays the restaurant's menu with the desired items highlighted on the menu. The app is especially convenient and time saving for vacations, as the user can find all surrounding restaurants and their menus with ease.

Locate HappyPlate's database contains most national restaurant and regional restaurant chains. Local restaurant menus have now been added to the database for the entire Northwest Florida Gulf Coast area. Locate HappyPlate is currently in process of inputting data to fully serve the entire Florida Gulf Coast region with plans to quickly expand to include the remainder of Florida.

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